Dental Instruments Scaler Tray 7pcs Stainless Steel

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Dental Instruments Scaler Tray 7pcs Stainless Steel

Dental Instruments Scaler Tray 7 pcs  used to hold variety of scaler instruments separately during surgical procedure

  • 1 x Dental Cassettes Tray
  • High Quality Medical Stainless Steel
  • Premium Grade AISI-304 Non-Magnetic Material
  • Size: L= 20cm x W=12cm x H=1.5cm
  • Compatible for 7pcs Scalers


Dear Customer, we kindly ask you to carefully read the following instructions before handling and using the instruments. Each MERICAN IMPEX instruments has been realized with great care and professionalism and its use is addressed only to qualified and specialised dental personnel.


Instrument is supplied NON-STERILIZED: it must be properly washed, rinsed and sterilized before use. Many joint instruments present oily residuals in the parts due to the manufacturing processes, please make sure to clean the instruments in a proper way.


It is highly recommended to sterilize the instruments only after proper cleaning. If the instrument is not perfectly cleaned, the result of the sterilization will be prejudiced. Carefully follow the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer of the sterilization equipment. There are different ways for sterilizing the instruments:


The main aim of the autoclave sterilization is to obtain a proper sterilization and, in the meantime, to maintain the unchanged structural and functional characteristics of the instruments as much as possible. This process must only and exclusively be done by expert personnel, that must have been properly trained for this purpose.

  1. All the cleaning operations must be carried on only in areas duly equipped and organized for this kind of operation.
  2. Immediately after the use, instruments must be disinfected through the use of solutions whose effectiveness has been proved. Make sure of the right dosage      of the cleaning/decontamination solutions, of the washing duration and of its temperature, always follow the Instructions given by the equipment manufacturer and the cleaning solutions’ producer.