Dental Implant Osteotomes Kit

Osteotomes are dental & surgical instruments that can be used effectively to enhance the placement of dental implants.  The terms osteotome means a bone cutting or bone-deforming instrument. Osteotomes are generally wedge-shaped instruments with varied steepness of taper designed to compress cut or deform bone.

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Dental Implant Osteotomes Kit

Osteotomes Kit is Used during dental osteotomy for shaping and condensing bone, typically when performing a dental implant surgical procedure. it is hand-held by the dentist who will use a surgical mallet or hammer to manually impart an impacting force to the proximal end of the instrumenty. An osteotome is an instrument used for cutting or preparing bone. Osteotomes are similar to a chisel but bevelled on both sides. They are used today in plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery and dental implantation.

Osteotome Sizes:

2.6mm (8-10-13-15-17-20) Offset Concave Tip

3.1mm (8-10-13-15-17-20) Offset Concave Tip

3.8mm (8-10-13-15-17-20) Offset Concave Tip

4.5mm (8-10-13-15-17-20) Offset Concave Tip

5.0mm (8-10-13-15-17-20) Offset Concave Tip


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